How To Find Haunted Jewelry For Your Resell Business

Posted on: 7 April 2015

Buying and selling haunted items is a booming business in the paranormal field. If you are considering joining the forces and selling a few haunted items of your own, you may be wondering where you can find suitable merchandise. While private sellers are always a choice, there are other sources you may not have considered, like a jewelry pawn shop. These shops contain jewelry from all walks of life. It's likely that some of it is haunted. Here's how you can locate jewelry infused with the energy of its previous owner and build the backstory for reselling it to interested buyers.

Identifying Haunted Jewelry

  • Browse for Unusual Pieces 

While rings and medallions emblazoned with skulls and crossbones are obvious options, don't let your preconceived notions get in your way. Those quirky owl earrings or that odd bracelet might be more valuable than you think, especially if they harbor the energy of previous owners. Jewelry is often a very personal item that has been worn on the person for years and is believed to hold the person's energy long after the two have parted. Even ordinary-looking pieces are thought to harbor the energy of the dearly departed.

  • Hover Your Hands Above the Object​

All objects are believed to emit energy, but some release more than others. Hover your hands over the object and try to feel its energy. You may feel warm pulses (positive energy) or cold and piercing bursts (negative energy).

  • Hold or Touch the Items

Many psychics and paranormal enthusiasts believe you can sense psychic energy through the sense of touch. The object may give off a vibe, seem unusually cold or you may sense vibrations emanating from it. If you have psychometric abilities, the ability to sense the history of the object by touching it, you may suddenly know if the object is haunted.

  • Close Your Eyes

Shutting out outside stimuli helps to target your concentration. Try to imagine the previous owner and make special note of any startling or emotionally charged visions you experience.

Gathering More Information

  • Ask the Pawn Broker About the Jewelry

Some pawn brokers are more than happy to share the backstory of the jewelry with you, especially if the history is sensational or intriguing. Gather as much information as you can about the original owner, such as whether the owner is deceased, but don't overlook the history of the piece itself. Was it originally purchased at an estate sale? Were the owners anxious to get rid of it? Has anything unusual happened in the pawn shop since it was purchased?

  • Get a Second Opinion

If you are unsure about your ability to identify haunted jewelry, take it to a psychic or experienced paranormal researcher for a second opinion. They may perform a series of tests, including reading the piece, attempting to record voices on a tape recorder (referred to as EVPs) or otherwise sense the energy associated with the piece of jewelry.

Document All Information

Document any information you have about the piece of jewelry, including its backstory and the results of any evaluations by others in the field. Use caution to write the description in objective terms and refrain from making claims that cannot be verified. Include anecdotes that support your stance that the jewelry is haunted. Choose your language carefully, using terms like "appears", "seems" and "believed to be" and avoid words like "proof." Selling items with unsubstantiated claims may come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

Stocking you new business with an assortment of haunted jewelry can be a lot of fun. While pawn shops offer a treasure trove of unusual items, don't forget to check yard sales and estate sales, too.