Is A Multi-Function Copier Right For Your Small Business?

Posted on: 14 April 2016

If you own a small business, then you might be looking for space-saving office equipment. One piece of equipment to consider is a multi-function copier. These are devices that combine several pieces of office equipment into one. Most multi-function copiers will copy, print and scan. Some have added functions such as faxing. You may be wondering what advantages and disadvantages these copiers may have for your business and whether or not they're the right piece of equipment for you.

Which function will you use most?

Multi-function copiers are great for offices where there is small need for several functions. If your office mostly does a few prints, scans or copies each day, then these copiers may be ideal. However, if you find that one particular function is used much more heavily than the others, then it might be better to buy a specialized piece of equipment.

Does your office have a lot of employees?

If your office has a lot of employees that each need to use a function of the copier, it may mean that a line will form at the machine, reducing productivity. Most multi-function printers can only perform one task at a time, so if someone is trying to fax, then another person will not be able to use the copy machine. In this case, particularly if you find one particular employee monopolizing the machine, then you may want to consider buying a separate machine for that process or for that particular employee.

Do you have a large office or a small one?

If your office isn't very large, or if you're working mostly out of your own home, then you may not have the space for several machines. A multi-function copier saves a great deal of space and can often fit on a desk or in a small corner. Not only will it save space, it will also save money depending on the type of printing and features.

Multi-function copiers have many benefits for a small business, especially when space and budget is tight. However, they're not for every office. Whether they are a good choice for you depends on how you will use them, your budget and the number of employees you have. If you have a larger budget and you find that one or two functions are needed much more often than other features, then you may want to get specialized equipment instead of or addition to getting this kind of copier. For more information and to look at the different models and functions of each type of copier, contact a copier business like Lafayette Business Machines Inc.