2 Fun & Rustic Ideas For Your Kid's Bed

Posted on: 23 March 2019

Your kid's bed is more than the place they sleep. It is the place where they dream, and it is the centerpiece of their bedrooms. Your kid's bed should have a fun theme, while also being functional as well. Not sure how to transform your kid's bed? Use pallets and branches to create a fun and rustic bed for your kid.

#1 For the Classic Country Kid

If your kid likes the feel of country homes and old barns, give them a classic bed by reusing some old pallets and doors. Create the bottom base of the bed by securing two sets of pallets together. Then, across the long length of the bed, secure an old door. This will serve as a headboard and allow your kid to turn their bed into a couch and seating area when they are not sleeping. The pallets on the bottom can also double as a storage area for little things. To make this simple and cute country bed frame even more practical, add some wheels that lock in place to the bottom of the pallet. That way, when your kid wants to rearrange their room, all they will need to do is unlock the wheels and push it to a new location.

This is a fun design because you can really customize it. You can paint the door headboard like a barn door, or you could paint any mural you want on it to fit your kid's unique taste while giving them more of a daybed style bed with storage.

#2 Rustic Canopy Bed

Does your kid love forts? Do they want a canopy bed? Create a permanent fort with a rustic canopy bed. For this bed design, you'll want a large sturdy stick that is at least as long as your kid's bed. This project is even more fun if your kid forges for and finds the stick themselves.

Take the branch and add two chains to the branch and add to two hooks to your ceiling. String a curtain through the branch and hang it up from the ceiling about two feet over your kid's bed. To give the canopy bed more shape, put some large sticks or branches on either side of your kid's headboard, and attach the canopy to those sticks as well. This will help to create a fort like feeling and turn your kid's bed into their own private fort that they get to sleep in every night.

Use the two ideas above separately or combine them together for the ultimate rustic bed experience. For more DIY kids bed ideas, contact your local professionals.