Things to Look for in Online Postings for Construction Jobs

Posted on: 9 August 2021

One of the biggest changes in the employment and job-seeking sector is how you find jobs. Jobs traditionally had postings in the local paper or through temp-to-hire services. Though these methods are still being used, the increasingly popular way to find a job is through online postings. Using online job postings means ensuring you are getting all the information you need about the job before applying. Here are some things to look for in online postings for construction jobs and what to look for if you are a professional contractor. 

Equipment Requirements

Many contractor jobs may require you to have your own equipment. They may also require you to have specific tools, tool kits, or other related items. You will need to check with the posting to ensure what equipment you need. If there are any special requirements, they should be listed in the job description or in the job details. If you need specific equipment, you can prepare yourself. If you get the job, you will already know what items you need. Also, check for statements in the job postings about equipment reimbursement so you are prepared for the job and any financial expectations.

Job Length

The job length is an important aspect of construction job postings. Some companies may only be looking for contractors on a specific timeline. They may also be looking for someone that can go to different job sites each day with same day payment. If you need to ensure you have a specific time frame covered, make sure to note the length of the job and location. If you need something more permanent, consider asking the hiring manager during the interview process if going on permanent payroll with the company is possible. 

Testing Prior to Hiring

As a contractor, you will be facing certain health related tests for various construction jobs. When you find someone hiring for construction jobs online, look for the tests required. These tests may include a urine based drug test, blood test, and even a full health physical. You will need to use their doctors or clinics for these tests. You may also be asked to provide a criminal background check as well. These requirements will be within most job postings. 

When you are ready to look for a position, you can begin on any number of job posting sites. Remember to evaluate your resume and the jobs you have done in the past. Make sure to list them and point out your skills with each job listing. Also, ensure you are checking back with the jobs you apply for and any notations made by the hiring agents. These updates are usually emailed to you with the email you use during site registration.