Why Lead Paint Safety Is Important When You're A Landlord

Posted on: 13 May 2022

When you're a landlord, what's most important is the safety of your renters. This means you need to make sure your rental homes are up to code, which can be difficult to accomplish if you own older properties.

One of the things you have to worry about is lead in paint, which is potentially very dangerous to the children if they are exposed and can cause damage to the nervous system with prolonged or extreme exposure. If you think you don't have a home with lead paint, you're in for a surprise: lead-based paint wasn't banned until 1978, which means any home built before this time could still have lead paint in it.

Lead paint safety is important as a homeowner, so you should have any home you own tested for the presence of lead. If you own homes that you rent out to other people, you absolutely need to make sure you have some kind of landlord lead paint safety certificate if the properties you rent are older. Here's why.

You have proof you keep tenants safe

Your job as a landlord is to keep your tenants safe. This means having working locks on all your rental homes, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and updated appliances. Lead paint safety falls right in the category of landlord responsibility.

If any of your tenants get sick or have children with changing behaviors or a decline in health while living in one of your properties, lead paint exposure may be one of the first things explored. You need a landlord lead paint safety certificate to show proof that you rent safe properties. Any landlord lead safety certificate shows your tenants they don't have to worry about lead paint exposure; this information should be immediately available to all applicants and tenants of your properties.

You protect yourself legally

Since exposure to lead paint can be so dangerous, it's vital that you have proof of a landlord lead paint safety certificate in the event you have a legal issue with any of your properties or a tenant complaint. A landlord lead safety certificate is only issued once a property has been professionally inspected for lead paint and is a vital inspection for any house built prior to 1978.

You are held to high standards as a landlord and you want to protect yourself and the tenants you serve. Getting a landlord lead paint safety certificate is just one of the ways you can be an excellent landlord.

Schedule a lead-paint inspection if you have an older rental property so you can get a landlord lead safety certificate