Why Your Business Should Offer A Layaway Program

Posted on: 11 May 2020

If you own a small retail business, you owe it to yourself to start a layaway plan. You may think that layaway plans are a thing of the past, but that's not the case. Layaway plans provide opportunities that you might not have thought about. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to offer layaway plans at your place of business.  Provide Interest-Free Shopping If you haven't implemented a layaway program, now's the time to do that. [Read More]

How Can A Doctor's Office Benefit From Regularly Using A Medical Answering Service?

Posted on: 5 December 2019

A doctor should regularly use a medical answering service in the office for many reasons. Plenty of patients will call into the office each day, but there may not be enough staff members available to handle the calls because they are handling many other tasks. With a convenient medical answering service, calls get answered and patients are far more satisfied with their experience. Reduce the Workload for Employees That Already Have a Lot to Handle [Read More]

Using Expanding Foam To Insulate And Seal Around Your Home

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Foam has a lot of uses, and depending on the kind of foam, you can use it to make your home warmer, cooler, and pest-free. Expanding foam is a great way to deal with a lot of small problems around the house and can be very easy on your budget. Insulating Around Doors and Windows Many older homes develop cracks or gaps around the window or door frames over time. Filling the holes with expanding foam is an excellent way to seal the area around the frames and keep air from moving in or out of the home. [Read More]

Tips For Storing And Cooking With All-Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted on: 17 October 2019

Olive oil is a natural, healthy, and very versatile cooking oil. It builds and enhances the flavor of a dish without any of the chemical flavors sometimes found with other less expensive cooking oils such as those made from rapeseed, corn, or other grains. Additionally, extra virgin olive oils contain healthy monosaturated oils and antioxidants that promote health. Unlike butter, which will burn and smoke even at low frying temperatures, extra virgin olive oil can withstand heat up to about 400 degrees, so you can use it to fry foods without it smoking or burning. [Read More]